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A concept wearable device for creating a personal "Silence Bubble" in the urban environment.


Pacific is a conceptual wearable device that lets users create a personal "silence bubble" in public spaces, and regulate the noise in their surroundings. Taking active noise cancellation (ANC) technology to the extreme, Pacific envisions a world wired with speakers and microphones to allow people to use the device to personalize their auditory environment.

Pacific was designed for my B.Des final project.

My Role

End to end research & design


Mar - Jul 2018


User Research


3D Product Design

3D Prototyping

The Problem
01 | The Problem

We live in a noisy world. Noise pollution impacts millions of people every day and can cause serious health consequences

From traffic noise to rock concerts, loud or inescapable sounds can cause sleep disorders, anxiety, hearing loss, high blood pressure, and heart diseases. According to WHO, it is one of the most dangerous environmental threats to both physical and mental health. Noise is harmful to humans' attention and concentration abilities, and has severe effects on one's mental state, especially in unique population groups such as young children or people on the autistic spectrum.

The Solution
02 | The Solution

Imagine a world where you could adjust and manipulate the ambient noises around you to suit your needs and current state of mind.

Pacific is an Auditory Mixed Reality device concept, aimed to enable users to design their own soundscape when out in the urban environment, and share their Silence Bubble with others.

Abstract Circles
03 | Research

Domain Exploration

Having to deal with a noisy environment is a problem shared by many people from diverse populations with different needs.

To better define the target audience, I researched and mapped possible usage scenarios.

I decided to focus on well-being and everyday use scenarios, in order to propose a new auditory experience for users in the urban environment.


Qualitative Research & Analysis

To better understand how noisy environments affect people's daily lives and well-being, I conducted six semi-structured interviews with participants familiar with the scenario domains. Then, I used affinity maps and thematic coding to understand and analyze the data, revealing 4 major themes:

Social Perception

"Sometimes I am perceived as distant or snobby when I need quiet, so it would be nice if people would realize that I am just in "quiet mode"."  - Guy, B.A. Student

Sharing The Silence

"It would be amazing if you were able to “share silence” with someone, like sharing a favorite song, creating a bubble of intimacy in public places." - Dori, Entrepreneur

Customizable Silence

"Noisy" and "quiet" are very subjective. What may be considered a peaceful silence for one can be unpleasant or even disturbing to others." - Hadar, Designer & Lecturer

Physical Proximity

"When meditating, we strive not to physically obstruct our bodies from the world, so it's best not to seal the ears with headphones or earplugs."  - Nati, Meditation Practitioner

User Personas

Ron Magal
Yoga Instructor, 32, Tel Aviv


Married + baby from Tel Aviv. Ron is a behavioral science graduate student and spends most of his time in his yoga studio and at the university.





Live a healthy and relaxed lifestyle with his family, without compromising on the convenience of living in the busy urban environment of Tel Aviv.


Ron dislikes using headphones because they isolate him from his surroundings, but often he has no choice but to use them when practicing yoga outdoors.

Daphne Mor Gilad
Tech Entrepreneur, 45, Haifa


CEO and co-founder of a small start-up company that helps organizations manage their employees overseas. Married and mother of three girls.





Daphne travels a lot for work. When she is not at home with her family, she makes the most of every moment to work, especially during her long flights.


Balancing between her busy family and professional life, Daphne struggles to find time for relaxation and self-care.


Design Goals

Stress Reduction

Improve overall well-being and quality of sleep, and lower stress levels

Maintain Physical Health

Reduce the risk of hearing loss, cognitive performance issues, and cardiovascular problems.

Quietness as a culture

Raise awareness and foster a culture of respect for the auditory space of others

Please view with audio

04 | Ideation

Research results’ analysis dictated the project's continued development as a conceptual work aiming to provide an innovative mixed reality auditory experience.

Based on Silentium's Quiet Bubble™ technology as a verified infrastructure, I designed an innovative wearable device concept that pushes the technology's limits.

The System

Active Wearable Device

Actively tunes down surrounding noises to create a personal island of silence

Plays various environmental soundscapes  according to user preference

Paired WatchOS App

Displays a variety of soundscape playlists for the user to choose from

Allows fine-tuning of the balance between the urban environment and the played soundscape.


Industrial design

After determining the device's configuration, I moved forward to sculpting a 1:1 scale model, which was later 3D scanned and transferred to CAD software for detailed design and styling.


After determining the device's configuration, I moved forward to sculpting a 1:1 scale model, which was later 3D scanned and transferred to CAD software for detailed design and styling.

Pacific WatchOS
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