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Service Design for Appliance Retail

Designing the omnichannel customer journey, from buying to owning large appliances


Buying a washing machine is a hassle. A customer can wait days or even weeks for the machine to be installed and working in their home, just because the service process is so inefficient. 

In this project, we analyze the process of buying major appliances, identify the key pain points, and offer an omnichannel solution aimed to enhance the customer's shopping experience and encourage him to return once again.

This project was advised by the wonderful service designers of 


Lilach Spivak

Adi Gilad

Daniel Goldblat

Gilad Yurfest

Hadas David


Oct '19 - Feb '20

My Role

Diary Study


User journeys


The Problem
01 | The Problem

The process of buying and installing large appliances involves many points of friction and often ends with an overall impression of poor customer experience.

​"It is the only country where you can easily get spacecraft flying software, but have to wait a week to have your washing machine repaired. And while we're at it, only here there's a time unit called "I'll be there between eleven and six.""
- Yair Lapid, The Only Country

The Solution
02 | The Solution

Integrate sales, shipping, installation, and warranty touchpoints into one seamless service system.

Providing a cohesive trustworthy ‘One Stop Shop’ experience, addressing users' needs across all retail service channels - in store, via call center, and online.

Service Design - Group 5 - Final Delivery (1).jpg
03 | The Business Challenge

KPIs & Research Goals

The project began by determining the business objectives and metrics for measuring the achievements. By defining the process goals, we were able to optimally plan the user research and objectively assess our work at the end of the process and see whether it has been successful.



Foster a loyal customer audience

  • Increase the number of returning customers

  • Increase of NPS (Net Promoter Score)

  • Improve online reviews


Shorten the entire service timeline

  • Decrease in calls for customer Service

  • Decrease the overall cost for the company during the delivery process

Research Goals


Validate our KPIs

Learn the friction and pain points from customers' perspective

Find positive examples of shopping & supply experiences

Understand what makes customers loyal to a specific retailer

04 | Research

Quantitative Research & Screener

To make the most of the time and resources allocated to the project, we began with a screening survey. During this phase, we were able to gain quantitative insight into the current service experience as well as select participants who would provide the most value in the qualitative phase.

A total of 49 participants answered the questionnaire.

Contextual Interviews & User Diaries

After completing the questionnaire, we conducted qualitative research to gain a broader understanding of the overall experience and identify pain points.

"It makes no sense! why can the installation only be scheduled after waiting for so long for the delivery? If it hadn't canceled my product's warranty, I would have installed it myself."

"I had to call the manufacturer for installation, and it took them a week and a half to arrive. For ten days I had two machines blocking the entrance to my house."

"I bought a washing machine for 2,700 ₪ and I don't know when it will arrive. even when buying pizza for 100 ₪ you get more information."

Pain Points

Bumpy service

Throughout the supply chain, there is a lack of consistency in the quality of service provided by the various touchpoints


Proactivity needed

Customers often leave the store unaware that they must schedule delivery and installation directly from the manufacturer.


Long process

The supply process is lengthy and involves multiple service providers that lack communication with one another


A bad attitude

People feel that technicians only see them as potential sales targets and provide little information about use and maintenance


05 | Service Design

The retailer will transform from a purchase-only platform into a one-stop-shop service brand,

providing customers with an overall appliance solution - starting with the initial product search and all the way to warranty activation and implementation.

Single point of contact

A dedicated representative will handle all aspects of each order

Flexible & adaptive

The retailer will adjust to the customer's schedule, not vice versa

'Open kitchen'

Transparency throughout the process will foster certainty and trust

Always at your service

Establish standards of quality for all touch points in the service experience

The New Design

Service Storyboard

In-store purchase



Day of delivery

Delivery & installation

Warranty activation

Experience principles used here:

Tom's perspective:

Tom purchased a washing machine in the appliance store near his house. The service representative was very kind and attentive, which made Tom feel good about the purchase.

Before leaving the store, the representative informed Tom that the appliance will be delivered and ready to use within 10 working days and that he will soon receive a text message regarding the upcoming process.

1 (1).jpg

The retailer says:

Our salesperson has updated Tom about the tracking system and told him to expect further details about the delivery process to be sent via text message later today.​


  • Short training for service providers on the new digital platform

  • A QR Code next to the cashier and a personalized link in the digital invoice, inviting customers to join the platform

Final Thoughts
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