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Wix App Redesign

Redesigning the navigation system and IA for Wix app's business owners' dashboard

Timeline: Aug-Sep 2020  |  Role: Product Designer


The Wix mobile app allows business owners to engage with their clients and manage their business online while on the go. Users of the app can also join as members to make purchases, coordinate services and stay in touch with business owners who interest them.

The goal of this project was to perform a heuristic evaluation of the current product, and offer a new user experience for the business owners' dashboard.

Done in collaboration with Wix, as part of a UX workshop held in the M.A in HCI program.

01 | The Challenge

How can we create a mobile solution for building and managing online businesses, that will suit users from an unlimited variety of business areas?

The Wix app aims to provide a versatile "one size fits all" solution for online business owners and members to use on the go. However, many users find it complicated and disengaging. We were asked by Wix's representatives to perform an analysis of the app's interface, in order to define the main challenges that users may face.

02 | The Solution

Reorganize the app's entire range of tools and action items into a new information architecture; And create a global, hierarchical navigation system.

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